Gabe McMullen Photography

Who I am

It was almost an accident that I picked up a camera a few years back. I was planning a road trip to Colorado with a friend and wanted to take pictures of Rocky Mountain National Park. I almost went with just my iPhone, but I was convinced I needed a DSLR. That trip pushed me to use my camera even more when I returned home, but I didn't have mountains to photograph. So I focused on people. People tell stories, they share experiences. I like to capture those moments. There's a subtle joy that I receive when I'm behind the lens. Fast forward to today and you'll find me photographing weddings, engagements, or sitting in a cafe in Lancaster, PA. Laughing way too hard at my own jokes, drinking too much coffee. 



In May of 2018 I Joined Kent Mast an a road trip from Pennsylvania to Dallas, Texas. Kent filmed the trip, and paired with a podcast detailing my story - this video was the outcome. 

Photos by the wonderful Elisha Braithwaite and video from the talented Kent Mast of K + A Films.