Matt + Alyssa + Vera

I have only know Matt and Alyssa for a short while. Both of them are creatives, Matt a designer, and Alyssa a photographer. In this time I've had the opportunity to grow in friendship in different ways. What I love about Matt is how excited he gets about his passion, and everything he's working on. I love it because I can relate. It's extremely refreshing to see other young adults care about what they do. Matt's wife, Alyssa is also a brilliant photographer specializing in weddings and portraits. What I love about her, and her work is how much care and love she puts into capturing the moment. Seriously, check out her work - she's amazingly talented! Aside from their work, you can find both Matt and Alyssa attending some of Lancaster Young Professional events. They've both used the incredible power of peer pressure to get me to join!