Couples Session: Tom + Larissa

Tom was always that cool kid I knew growing up. I met him while I attended the Faith Reformed Presbyterian youth group. A lot of the younger kids looked up to him because he was really funny, and really good at dodgeball. It was always important to make friends with the good dodgeball players. After the youth group Tom bunny hoped to the other side of the country and spent time in California. He fell in love with the west coast almost immediately. He spent time taking stunt driving classes, and acting - both solidifying how cool I thought Tom was in my adolescence. At some point, he moved back to PA and shortly after he met Larissa. I don't know much of their early dating life, but rumor has it after only being introduced to her, he asked her out on a first date. It wasn't your traditional first date, he took her to In-N-Out Burgers two weeks after meeting her. If you know anything about geography, and In-N-Out, then you know it must have been a killer first date. I also do not know how long they dated for, or any other crazy details of their life. But just a few weeks ago marked their second anniversary. Throughout their time together they have traveled so much of the US. They compliment each other so well. For no particular reason, I wanted to grab a quick couples session with these two. Here are some of my favorite images from our hike down at Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve from Sunday night.