The Philadelphia Water Works - Danielle + Ben

Danielle + Ben-97.jpg

I'm so thankful that this shoot actually happened! We rescheduled a few times, we had dress issues, which led to us getting a free dress (yay for Danielle)! We initially wanted to do something with a very classical feel. Danielle and Ben got all dressed up, and we went to the Water Works right outside of the Philadelphia Museum. We had aspirations to photograph in the museum, but unfortunately, it was closed. Instead, we went to the Rodin Museum (which was a tad different then we expected). There were no paintings, only statues - which wasn't a bad, thing - it was just disappointing. Anyways, we still had an amazing time. 


I generally do not share a lot of black and white photos, but I really loved the look and feel of them throughout this session. Here are my favorites from that chilly Monday afternoon.