Gifford Pinchot State Park - Alisha + Addison - Fall Engagement Session


When I was a kid, I listened to a comedian who said the average child laughs around 1,000 times a day. Whereas the average adult laughs on average 10 times a day. That quote has always been with me. I refused to see life like that. There's humor in everything, joy in all areas of life. I know I'm above that adult average because I probably laugh at myself 10+ times a day. What I love about Alisha and Addison is the joy and laughter in their lives. They don't take themselves to seriously (in a good way!!). They enjoy the little things in life, like trying to toss rocks into each other's pockets. Or Addison picking Alisha up on the end of a dock, just to swing her around. There's so much fun in those little things. So a few weeks ago, we went up to Messiah College where these two really fell in love, and we snapped some happy moments. Here are a few of my favorites.