Baldpate Mountain - Trisha and Jeff

First Look and Bridals-116.jpg

Jeff and Trisha are rad. They are rad for so many reasons. Here are a few:

1) After their engagement session we went and saw Brian Fallon playin Philly. It was lit.

2) One of Jeff’s favorite animals is a Hawk. A hawk landed 30 feet away from the ceremony site. Jeff was pretty freaking excited.

3) I’m seeing Bon Iver next month in Philly, Jeff and Trisha will also be there and I get to say “hi” again. I’m pumped to see them again!

4) They love to travel and hike. When they Honeymooned in Hawaii, the did some of the same hikes that I did when I was there. It looked like they had an amazing time too!

5) When they got engaged, Trisha said she wanted to have the ceremony in the woods, and Jeff said he wanted to be married on a mountain. They found the perfect compromise.

It’s hard to sum up how cool Jeff and Trisha are, when I have only known them for a small season of their lives. I know that they have both been through some incredibly difficult things, and have come out on top (in ways that I don’t know if I would be capable of). They are incredible people, surrounded by friends and family that mean everything to them. Here are a few of my favorite moments from their wedding.