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Why you should always have a first look with your father

first look with dad

Your dad freakin’ loves you, spend some time alone with him.

The age old question with weddings is - should you have a first look with your partner? I will always say that you probably should. But today, I’m going to talk about a different first look right now. As a bride, it’s probably a good idea to see your father first before anyone else. So you all know, I am not an expert on being a father. However I do spend a lot of time with fathers, and every other weekend during the summer I watch a man give his daughter away to start a new chapter of her life. If I know that we are planning a first look with dad, I always take a few minutes to talk to him before he see’s his daughter. I ask questions about his relationship with her. I want to know what some of his favorite memories with her are. I do this because I want to hear him tell triumphant stories of his daughter. I want to hear the moments he was the most proud of her. I’m getting chills thinking about some of them right now. 

  • “taking her home from the hospital…. It was just…. there are no words to describe how I felt then”

  • “After she accomplished (this or that)…. I’ve never been more proud of her than in that moment”

  • “seeing her resilience after (some hardship), and how she overcame things…. I was so proud”

Ladies, your parents are SO PROUD of you. I have a friend who has two twin boys, and recently had a daughter. I watched their birth video and was in tears because of the emotion he showed. After talking to him he told me “that there is nothing that compares to having a daughter.” He said this after having a daughter for only a week!! I remember seeing his eyes well up after telling me that. 

Women, I know you understand just how special you are to your father. Having a moment with them alone will mean the absolute world to them.